Let’s get this year started out right! LEt’s Write our hearts out!

Whether you want to write a novel or screenplay, turn a book into a novel, get coverage for your script, or need help figuring your way out in the film industry, I’m here to help.

Want to write a book but don’t know where to start? Need a mentor/guide?

Not sure if your screenplay feels right? Want to level up your writing?

Trying to understand your antagonist? Having trouble developing your characters?


Novel and Screenplay Writing

Novels and Screenplays are two different forms of writing with many things in common. The story’s arc, character development, flow/ rhythm, and what you want to accomplish in the end are very important in both art forms. Maybe you want to turn your book into a screenplay? You can contact me for a free consultation or purchase one of my packages below.

Script Coverage and Analysis

Getting your screenplay into the hands of a producer, an independent film company, a studio, or a writing contest can leave you very anxious. When I used to be a judge for the EMMY’s and various Film Festivals, I came across many writers that wanted to bring their screenplays to the next level but didn’t know how. This purchase is for the writer that wants to level up!

Getting Started

You know your biggest goal (that top of the mountain view) but you are unsure of how to get there because there are 27 paths to take. I understand it’s a big world with too many choices. I know this industry and can help direct your path with the Path to Clarity, a two-hour session. Gift Cards are also available for the people in your life that you know might need some guidance.


I’m Gilda Graham, an Emmy Nominated producer and writer. I love working with people that have stories to tell and need a supportive mentor to get them through the obstacles.  

Teaching you how to take your writing to the next level is very important to me. I have a love for character depth and will make sure to give you feedback on how to develop your characters, create goals and obstacles in order to give your characters an arc and a wonderful story line. If you’d like a FREE consultation, email me at [email protected]. Thanks for visiting my site!

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GILDA” I found myself struggling for ideas that would bring realistic conflict and obstacles for my lead characters to overcome. Gilda prepared homework assignments that were designed to show me how other writers incorporated conflicts into their stories and to help me with character development. Gilda is just plain fun to work with and gives plot and character ideas and suggestions with such fresh enthusiasm that you leave each coaching session with renewed excitement and energy. I highly recommend Gilda as a writing coach, teacher, editor, and muse.

Craig Ruark – Freelance Writer/ Novelist

” Gilda Graham’s knowledge and experience in the film industry is unmatched when it comes to understanding the needs of creatives and how to guide them in developing their passion and efficiently utilizing their resources. Her expertise is evident in all she does and her process is open and transparent. while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.”

Mignon Gould (CEO of Mignon Media)

“FEW HAVE STOOD OUT... GILDA GRAHAM WAS ABLE TO RAISE THE BAR” I’ve been a screenwriter since 2010 and have received dozens of reviews and feedback from consultants and writers alike. Few have stood out in precision and clarity with their notes, and Gilda Graham was able to raise the bar in both respects. With an eye for formatting and exceptional dialogue; her pragmatic approach proves useful for any writer wishing to grow.

Patrick Thies – Screencraft semi-finalist

” Gilda brings a positive and unique perspective to the entertainment industry, backed by fascinating knowledge and real-world experience.”

Gabriel Campisi (Executive Producer)

” Working with Gilda in my Path to Clarity session has been a breath of fresh air. Like so many people, I get consumed with everyday life that I forget to take the time for myself. What I liked about our meeting is we focused on me and what makes me happy. I can’t thank you enough Gilda! You inspire me and I look forward to our sessions.”

Noni Wheat ( Actress/Producer)