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I Am Book for the Heart-Centered executive

I put this pocketbook of I AM’s together for you. Yes, You! Your days can be whatever YOU CHOOSE them to be. You may not be able to change your circumstances (yet), but you can absolutely choose a mindset that creates joy, confidence and peace – even in the micro moments of life.

Path to Clarity

The Path to Clarity is the first step in our journey together. During this session, I’ll listen to your story – who you want to become and what goals you wish to accomplish through our journey. Together, we’ll decide the best course of action.
Helping You Achieve Success

There comes a point in everyone’s life whether they ask themselves,

“Is this it?”

We usually just answer the question with whatever answer makes us feel good in the moment. Then, we go about doing the same thing every day getting stuck on our very own hamster wheel. We get stuck trying to solve the question, “how am I going to survive today?”  We move about our day in total survival dodging getting yelled at, or unintentionally doing something wrong and almost getting fired, or worse, having to fire someone.  We end our days feeling too burnt out to barely function only to find ourselves drowning our pain in wine whatever food is convenient and numbing out with our favorite streaming service.

Turn your wounds into wisdom - Oprah Winfrey

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. - Maya Angelou

I'm not funny. What I am is brave. - Lucille Ball

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. - Gandalf (LOTR)

The Hero's Journey

“How can I live my greatest life” through this industry?

Develop your character

We’ll journey through the Hero’s Journey chart in a more condensed and intensive six-week format.

90 Day Intensive

Together, we’ll create a customized plan that guides you in the right direction and outlines your unique path to success.

Career Advice

You work hard – let’s redefine your success together.

What are your needs?

Dear Gilda

I’m not understanding balance and how I can incorporate it in my life. It doesn’t seem as though it can exist in what I’m doing.

Hello Reader,

Yes, balance does exist and it can be incorporated any way you need for the life you have right now. When you think of “balance” I’m sure you envision it quite differently than it’s meant to be. You can have a day filled with ups and downs, tons of things to do, and nothing working in the way you want. Not to mention, in this industry you can have 48 hour days. You become unbalanced, but that is how your work is orchestrated. You love what you do, great! By the moment your head hits the pillow, the balance needs to be there. It’s what sets you up for the next 24 hours. Tip: Breathe work is the secret to having a restful sleep and getting back the balance you need.

Do you have a question for me?


” Gilda Graham’s knowledge and experience in the film industry is unmatched when it comes to understanding the needs of creatives and how to guide them in developing their passion and efficiently utilizing their resources. Her expertise is evident in all she does and her process is open and transparent. while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.”

Mignon Gould (CEO of Mignon Media)

” Gilda brings a positive and unique perspective to the entertainment industry, backed by fascinating knowledge and real-world experience.”

Gabriel Campisi (Executive Producer)

” Working with Gilda in my Path to Clarity session has been a breath of fresh air. Like so many people, I get consumed with everyday life that I forget to take the time for myself. What I liked about our meeting is we focused on me and what makes me happy. I can’t thank you enough Gilda! You inspire me and I look forward to our sessions.”

Noni Wheat ( Actress/Producer)

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

It took me nearly twenty years to be able to figure out the secret to living my best life while under the pressure of having a chaotic job. It wasn’t till I got into energy healing that I felt a peace within.

We work together on your mindset and what specific goals you want to work towards. Even if you are curious, I encourage you to reach out.

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